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Landcare Australia works collaboratively with universities and research bodies to support the landcare community and to align with Landcare Australia’s core values of establishing collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships to restore the landscape, improve biodiversity and build community resilience. A number of projects are underway including:


Research partnership supports sustainable river management in New South Wales

The ARC River Recovery Project is a research alliance between Landcare Australia, Hunter Local Land Services and Macquarie University. Landcare Australia contributed funding from the Raymond Borland Bequest to the Australia Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project, aimed at showcasing the river recovery that has been happening in NSW over the last several decades.

For more on this project click here.


WildSeek Community Hubs Research Koala Habitat

The WildSeek Project brings together leading environmental organisations and university researchers to create an innovative drone solution for surveying koala populations. Landcare Australia, WIRES and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) are supporting local landcare and community environment groups with training, equipment and scientific support to drive local research activity. For more on this project click here.


ANU Farm Dams Technical Guide

Landcare Australia, with support from our corporate partners Coca-Cola Australia, provided the Australian National University with funding to develop the ‘Farm Dams Technical Guide’.

Good design, construction and management of farm dams can pay significant dividends for farm productivity and for the environment. Farm water planning is of critical importance in a changing climate. This guide provides detailed technical information to support the processes of farm dam construction and enhancement, in order to optimise dam performance.

The co-benefits of a well-constructed and well-managed dam include improved water quality, increased water security, enhanced biodiversity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The recommendations in the guide are based on scientific research by the Australian National University’s Sustainable Farms program and Deakin University’s Blue Carbon Lab, as well as expertise from Agriculture Victoria, NSW Local Land Services and the NSW Soil Conservation Service. For more information, please visit here.

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