University and Research Bodies

Landcare Australia works collaboratively with universities and research bodies to support the landcare community and to align with Landcare Australia’s core values of establishing collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships to restore the landscape, improve biodiversity and build community resilience.

A number of projects are underway including:

ARC River Recovery Project

Rivers in coastal NSW are showing signs of recovery. 25 years of improved management has increased the structural and vegetative roughness of river channels. Getting the ‘fibre’ back into rivers has impacted most positively on flood hydrology, but less so on riparian vegetation quality. This project aims to understand how river recovery occurs, its impact on flood flows and test new techniques to improve vegetation quality. It will investigate where corridors of recovery are, where to prioritise rehabilitation and the cost:benefit of working with recovery. This will benefit public education, inform decision-making and change rehabilitation practice.

For more on this project click here.

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