The Landcare Webinar Series brings people interested in sustainable land management and conservation activities together. It showcases the rich diversity of knowledge, passion and expertise within the landcare community.

Hosted by a facilitator, speakers in the webinars present content ideas to inspire people and provide tools that people can  apply with their groups in their local community to manage the environmental issue in their patch, and support community resilience.

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The series is streamed on the online community platform built specifically for the landcare community, Landcarer.

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Here are just a few of the exciting talks that will be happing in the 2021 Landcare Webinar Series:

Bob Hawke Landcare Award Finalists| 24 Sep

Time: 2 – 3pm AEST

Facilitator: Mick Taylor, Landcare Farming Manager

Speaker(s): James Walker, Andrew Stewart, Justin Kirkby

Description: In this webinar Mick Taylor, Landcare Farming Manager, sits down with the three finalists from the Bob Hawke Landcare Awards to unveil their successes and the reasons for their selection as finalists.

Carbon Projects| 7 Oct

Time: 2 – 3pm AEST

Facilitator: Mick Taylor, Landcare Farming Manager

Speaker(s): Stephen Wiedemann, Principle Scientist at Integrity Ag & Environment

Description: Integrity Ag & Environment is a key partner in the KLFP Benchmarking Project with Landcare Farming. They are recognised as a leader in helping Australian farmers and agriculture industry to harness opportunities in all the major livestock Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) methods developed in Australia. If you’re interested in adding value to your enterprise with a carbon project or developing your environmental credentials, this webinar is for you. 

Landcare and Traditional Owners| 21 Oct

Time: 2 – 3pm AEST

Facilitator: Craig Aspinall, Community Landcare Aboriginal Engagement Officer Landcare NSW

Speaker(s): David King, Gully Traditional Owners | Jackson Chatfield, State-Wide Aboriginal Landcare Facilitator

Description: In this webinar, Craig Aspinall will sit down with Jackson Chatfield and David King to discuss how Landcare can work with Traditional Owners, learn from their knowledge, and better integrate Traditional values into landcare practices and communities.

From Method to Market - unlocking ecosystem service opportunities for livestock producers | 11 Nov

Time: 2 – 3pm AEST

Facilitator: Mick Taylor, Landcare Farming Manager

Speaker(s): Dr Hayley McMillan, Senior Scientist at Animal Science Agri-Science Queensland

Description: Livestock properties occupy almost 50% of the Australian continent. The Landcare Farming Benchmarking Project has developed over 50 Hubs across Australia to help farmers understand the value of their natural capital and access the growing environmental market niche. This project has shown Australian farmers have good potential to store large amounts of carbon in vegetation and soil as well as supporting unique biodiversity and healthy water systems. However, several key market barriers have excluded most livestock producers from participating in these environmental markets while still profitably producing livestock. To learn more, tune in!


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In case you missed out on any of our past webinars, you can access the recordings below.

Image displaying Amy and Tein
Australian Beef and Sheep Sustainability

Facilitator: Mick Taylor, Landcare Farming Manager, Landcare Australia | Speakers: Phil Tickle, co-founder and Managing Director Cibo Labs, Tess Herbert, Chair of ABSF | Professor Bruce Allworth, Chair of SSG

Image displaying Amy and Tein
The power of landcare partnerships

Facilitator: Xuela Sledge, Greater Sydney Landcare Network| Speakers: Mik Petter, President Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee, Wayne Cameron, Catchment Manager Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee, Nicole Maher, Regional Landcare Coordinator, Riverina Region.

Image displaying Amy and Tein
Partnerships with Purpose: How Landcare groups in NSW are helping Saving our Species to deliver meaningful and long-term conservation outcomes

Facilitator: Tania Reid, Principle Manager, Partnerships for the SoS Program| Speakers: Damon Oliver, Di Brown, David Walker, Dr Tony Parkes, Penny Mison. 

Image displaying Amy and Tein
Natural resource management – traditional methods to modern innovation

Facilitator: James Walsh, Landcare Services Manager | Speakers: Tein McDonald, President of the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators, and Amy Lepinay, Branch Manager of Sunbirds Aero.

Slide with image of 3 speakers and title of presentation
Landcare Smart Farm - Natural Capital Accounting Project

Facilitator: Mick Taylor, Landcare Farming Manager | Speakers: Jim Radford, Principle Research Fellow at the Research Centre for Future Landscapes and Sue Oligvy, Researcher and Practitioner in Natural Capital Accounting

Slide with image of 3 speakers and title of presentation
landcare outside australia - what's been achieved, and what can we learn?

Facilitator: Andrea Mason, Chair Global Landcare | Speakers: Rob Youl, Deputy Chair Global Landcare  and Tony Bartlett former ACAIR forestry manager 

Slide with image of 3 speakers and title of presentation
Landcare Farming Benchmarking Project: natural capital footprint improving sustainability

Facilitator: Mick Taylor, Landcare Farming Program Manager | Speakers: Adrian Ward, CEO of Accounting for Nature 

Slide with image of 3 speakers and title of presentation
Feral pigs impact on conservation and food production

Facilitator: Mick Taylor, Landcare Farming Program Manager | Speakers: Dr. Heather Channon, Feral Pig Management Coordinator and Troy Crittle, Department of Primary Industries

Five interventions to improve soil health

Presented by Sue Bestow.

This webinar discussed five interventions that have the potential to improve soil health at a meaningful scale.

Landcare Youth Summit Webinar

The Landcare Youth Summit webinar provides lots of fantastic tips for groups and organisations keen to engage better with young people. You will be  inspired by Skye Dunn, Mitchell Livington and Saskia Gerhardy from YACCA (Youth & Community in Conservation Action) in South Australia. 

Get involved in the Landcare Farming Program

Presented by Mick Taylor.

Mick, Landcare Farming Program Manager, talked about how you can get involved and provide input in the Landcare Farming program, and its initiatives.

Slide with image of 3 speakers and title of presentation
Ladies in Landcare - #choosetochallenge

Facilitated by Marg Applebee, Coordinator for Central West Lachlan Landcare | Panelists: Hannah Rice-Hayes, Elly Wynhoven, Karin Stark, Vee Vian Higgins, Angelica Arnott

Recruiting and engaging volunteers

Presented by Kim Boswell.

Kim discussed her step-by-step guide to attracting volunteers, which has been used to recruit thousands of Landcare volunteers in Victoria.

Slide with image of 3 speakers and title of presentation
How organisations and projects have been responding to various challenges

Presented by Danny Pettingill, Landcare Facilitator | Dr Maxine Cooper, Chair of Landcare ACT. Facilitated by James Walsh, head of Landcare Services Landcare Australia

Landcare as a business – a strategic approach

Presented by Kylie Durant and Phillip Moran. 

This webinar discussed approaching Landcare as a business, with tips on how to focus on group priorities, source funding, demonstrate investment, and engage volunteers.

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