Covid19 has radically changed possibilities for sharing and engaging within communities and organisations.  The pandemic demands new ways of communicating and bringing people together.  

To ensure you still have access to the wealth of knowledge that exists in the landcare community, Landcare Australia is continuing their successful webinar series in 2021!

The Landcare Webinar Series is hosted on the online community platform, Landcarer

Here are just a few of the exciting talks that will be happing in the 2021 Landcare Webinar Series:

Landcare Ladies #ChooseToChallenge - Celebrating International Women's Day | 8 Mar

 Time: 9am AEDT

Facilitator: Marg Applebee, Landcare Co-ordinator, Central West Lachlan Landcare Inc

Speaker(s): Angelica Arnott; Elly Wynhoven, Vee Vian Higgins, Karin Stark, Hannah Rice-Hayes

Description: What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than to hear Australian women in landcare share their knowledge, insights and experiences. Join us.

Feral pig impacts on conservation and food production in Australia | 25 Mar

Time: 2pm AEDT

Facilitator: Mick Taylor, Landcare Farming Program Manager for Landcare Australia

Speaker(s): Dr. Heather Channon, National Feral Pig Management Coordinator

Description: Mick and Heather sit down to discuss the impact feral pigs have on the natural environment, how to best manage feral pigs, and how to identify their presence.

Landcare outside Australia – what’s been achieved, and what can we learn? | 6th May

Time: 2pm AEST

Facilitator: Andrea Mason, Chair Global Landcare

Speaker(s): Rob Youl, Vice Chair Global Landcare | Tony Bartlett, former Forestry Research Program Manager

Description: Rob and Tony will share the incredible work occurring in landcare outside of Australian borders, what we can learn from it, and where it is all headed.

Natural resource management – traditional methods to modern innovation | 24 Jun

Time: 2pm AEST

Facilitator: James Walsh, Head of Landcare Services for Landcare Australia

Speaker(s): Tein McDonald, Australian Association of Bush Regenerators | Amy Lepinay, Sunbirds Aero

Description: Coming up in this webinar is a fascinating discussion with Tein, who will provide a history of the bush regeneration movement in Sydney. Amy will introduce how technology has impacted our resource management methodology through a talk on using drones for weed spotting.


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In case you missed out on any of our past webinars, you can access the recordings below.

Slide with image of 3 speakers and title of presentation
How organisations and projects have been responding to various challenges

Presented by Danny Pettingill, Landcare Facilitator | Dr Maxine Cooper, Chair of Landcare ACT. Facilitated by James Walsh, head of Landcare Services Landcare Australia

Five interventions to improve soil health

Presented by Sue Bestow.

This webinar discussed five interventions that have the potential to improve soil health at a meaningful scale.

Landcare Youth Summit Webinar

The Landcare Youth Summit webinar provides lots of fantastic tips for groups and organisations keen to engage better with young people. You will be  inspired by Skye Dunn, Mitchell Livington and Saskia Gerhardy from YACCA (Youth & Community in Conservation Action) in South Australia. 

Landcare as a business – a strategic approach

Presented by Kylie Durant and Phillip Moran. 

This webinar discussed approaching Landcare as a business, with tips on how to focus on group priorities, source funding, demonstrate investment, and engage volunteers.

Get involved in the Landcare Farming Program

Presented by Mick Taylor.

Mick, Landcare Farming Program Manager, talked about how you can get involved and provide input in the Landcare Farming program, and its initiatives.

Recruiting and engaging volunteers

Presented by Kim Boswell.

Kim discussed her step-by-step guide to attracting volunteers, which has been used to recruit thousands of Landcare volunteers in Victoria.

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