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Do you promote your group activity to your local community to mobilise volunteers? Are you looking to create your own Landcare group in your community and need tips on what to do?

Landcare Australia provides free resources for environmental community groups to help them get started and promote their group activities to engage the local community to be involved.

Your group may be a Landcare, Bushcare, ‘Friends of’, Coastcare, Dunecare, Junior Landcare or other environmental community group – you are welcome to use the resources.

If you have resources that you would like to share with the Landcare community, we will publish them on the Landcare Australia website. Please send the resources to us via email to [email protected]

Free Landcare Australia group resources

Looking professional and sending a clear message is very important when you organise your event or promotion, especially when you would like to involve and engage volunteers or local businesses.

Landcare Australia has developed free group resources to help you. We have created editable templates so that you can change the information and insert your group name (where the space is provided).

Occasionally there are templates developed specifically for promoting national campaigns like Landcare Week or the Landcare Awards, we will make these available to you at the time of the campaign.

Learn how to film your Landcare Project

Have you ever wanted to make a short movie about your Landcare project but haven’t the foggiest where to start?

While writing about or taking photos of your conservation or sustainable agriculture efforts are effective methods, nothing grabs attention like a short movie clip.

Landcare Australia have put together an exciting new resource to help Landcare groups capture their amazing projects in the best light.

You don’t need any fancy equipment – just your recording device and a lot of enthusiasm.

In this video, our producer Matt explains all about the best angles, shots, content, sound and graphics.

When you’re done, there are lots of simple and free-to-use editing software available to stitch your footage together.

Send your clips to us at Landcare Australia and we can share them with our national networks and media contacts.

Happy filming and for any more information email us at [email protected].

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