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Landcare Australia has created a suite of online resources to help promote your group’s activities and mobilise volunteers. Whether you are a new group searching for tips on how to get started, or looking for more volunteers to get involved in your next project, these easy to use resources include some great ideas.

It doesn’t matter if your group is a Landcare, Bushcare, ‘Friends of’, Coastcare, Dunecare, Rivercare, Junior Landcare, youth group, or any other environmental community group – you are welcome to use the resources.

Start A Group

Anybody can start a group, firstly you may want to check if there is a group near you. We recommend that you contact your local council for more information about the environmental issues in your community and what support they can provide. Connect with other environmental groups, Traditional Owners and First Nations organisations, natural resource management agencies or the Landcare peak body in your region to learn about the work they are doing and how you could work together.

This resource will give you tips on how to get started: Start a Group.

Mobilise Volunteers

Landcare groups need volunteers to help with their projects. How to attract and retain volunteers can be challenging, especially when people lead busy lives. The Forever Agenda have a great suite of training, facilitation and support solutions for community groups, and they have created for Landcare Australia a resource on how to mobilise volunteers.

This resource will give you tips on:  Landcare Volunteer Recruitment.

Landcare Australia’s community Landcarer platform has a tool for groups to help you manage volunteers and volunteer opportunities. People can also register their interest as volunteers so that groups can find them – a win win for groups and volunteers!

Go to Landcarer to sign up for the volunteer tool here.

Your Free Group Logo

As a Landcare, Coastcare, Junior Landcare or community group involved in Landcare, you can request a free Landcare caring hands logo incorporating your group name. To be eligible, your group must be registered on the National Landcare Directory and you are required to complete an online form.  

There are rules that govern the use of the Landcare caring hands logo to ensure that the brand is protected for the benefit of all. Landcare Australia owns and manages the trademark and the use of the caring hands, Landcare Australia, Landcare, Coastcare and Junior Landcare brands. Landcare Australia’s brands and logos are easily recognised and have a high reputation to uphold. As such, Landcare Australia restricts the use of the logo.

If you get approval from Landcare Australia to use a logo for your group, pleas ensure that you adhere to the brand guidelines, please click here to review the Landcare Australia Logos and Brand Guidelines for Groups 

Please Contact Us if you have an enquiry regarding the use of the Landcare logo and brand guidelines.

When requesting a logo for your group, please be aware that due to the size of the logo artwork file, we can only have 30 characters for your logo name. Please consider if we need to abbreviate your group name when we create the logo – thank you for your understanding.

  1. First, find out if your group is already registered on the National Landcare Directory
  2. Next step is to complete this form and select whether or not you would like to add a new group or edit your group’s listing in the National Landcare Directory. Be sure to click “Yes” to the question “Would you like a logo created for your group?” 
  3. Please allow two weeks for us to email your logo to you. For any further information please contact us on [email protected].

Marketing and Communications Resources

Looking professional and sending a clear message is very important when you organise your event or promotion, especially when you would like to involve and engage volunteers or local businesses. Landcare Australia has developed several resources to help you promote your projects and recruit volunteers.

Occasionally there are templates developed specifically for promoting national campaigns like Landcare Week or the Landcare Awards, we will make these available to you at the time of the campaign and advise where you can access them to use across your communications channels

Editable Templates

These templates have been designed so that you can change the information and insert your group name (where the space is provided): 

Film Your Landcare Project

Visually sharing the impact of your landcare project with inspire people to support your project with funding or volunteer. While writing about or taking photos of your conservation or sustainable agriculture efforts are effective methods, nothing grabs attention like a short movie clip. Don’t know where to start? You don’t need any fancy equipment – just your mobile phone or nay other recording device and a lot of enthusiasm.

We have created a video with our film producer Matt, who explains all about the best angles, shots, content, sound and graphics. When you are done, share your film clip on your social media channels and don’t forget to tag us @LandcareAus and publish on Landcarer.

Watch Matt’s how to create a short film here

Meet People Like You on Landcarer!

Landcare Australia manages a user generated website called Landcarer – it is the destination website for anyone interested in natural resource management and conservation activities. Through its tools for learning, volunteering, event management, engagement and interaction, Landcarer helps landcare and other environmental community groups, to share and expand their knowledge, skills and resources.

Connect with others on Landcarer here.

Connect With Us

Landcare Australia publishes news updates, grant announcements, new resources, promotes campaigns across various communications channels. You can keep informed about landcare news by connecting to us here:

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Wear the Brand

Landcare Australia has a relationship with a merchandise supplier who sells caps for Landcare, Coastcare and Junior Landcare. Landcare Australia does not make a profit on the sale of the product.

To visit the suppliers online go to: Purchase Branded Merchandise

Your Ideas!

If you have resources or ideas that you know would be useful for other group across Australia, please contact us [email protected]


The resources on this webpage have been created by Landcare Australia for the use of landcare community groups.

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