Dr Shane Norrish was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Landcare Australia in April 2018. He joined the organisation in 2007 as the Landcare Farming Program Manager and managed corporate partnerships supporting sustainable agriculture projects. More recently as Head of Landcare Services, he managed numerous large environmental and habitat restoration projects as well as Landcare Australia’s responsibilities as a Service Provider for the Australian Government’s Green Army and 20M trees programs.

Prior to joining Landcare Australia, Shane’s agricultural research experience in Australia and overseas included a strong background in participatory on-farm research, working closely with farmers and their consultant advisors. He has often observed challenges being successfully addressed by local farmers, land managers, advisors and researchers collaborating to improve knowledge, test ideas and implement better practices. He sees this occurring regularly within the Landcare community.

Shane considers integration of biodiversity conservation into a productive landscape remains a significant challenge facing many land managers. He wants to ensure that the Landcare community continues to be recognised and supported as a key delivery partner for sustainable land management, rehabilitation and conservation solutions.

Dr Shane Norrish

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