Australia is increasingly facing more and more environmental challenges. Droughts, floods and record temperatures are destroying communities and the habitats of our Aussie species. We are also experiencing one of the highest extinction rates in the world.

But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

You have an opportunity to invest in our country’s environmental future by helping to teach our Aussie kids to love and care for our natural environment.

  Your special gift will support Landcare groups across Australia who are working to educate and inspire our Aussie kids – the next generation of Landcarers. 

You have a great opportunity to secure the future of our country’s most important asset – our natural environment.

How? By educating and inspiring our Aussie kids about the important role they have to play in caring for our environment both now and into the future. We can’t leave the next generation to confront our environmental challenges on their own.

Throughout Australia, Landcare groups are working to ensure our Aussie kids have the tools and knowledge needed to make sure Australia’s land and water assets are protected and cared for. These kids are our next generation of Landcarers and future stewards of this land. We call them our Junior Landcarers.

Junior Landcare is a program created by Landcare Australia that focuses on inspiring young Australians to be aware, empowered and active in caring for the environment. Many Landcare groups are using this program to get kids in their local area involved in a variety of Landcare projects and activities they are running.

However, opportunities like this are limited because of a lack of funding. Our vision is for all Aussie kids to be engaged in Junior Landcare.

To make this happen, we need the support of people like you.

Your special gift of $35, $70, $105 or anything you can manage – will help support projects Landcare groups are undertaking to help Aussie kids learn more about protecting and caring for our natural environment.

We have a goal to raise $70,000 by 30 June 2019 to support Landcare groups with funding for their Junior Landcare activities. Will you help make this happen by making a special gift?

Your special gift of $35 will help support projects that focus on educating and inspiring our Aussie kids to protect and care for our country’s natural environment.

How important are our Landcare volunteers?



Landcare groups don’t just plant trees and pull weeds.

They are passionate volunteers who understand that our Aussie kids are our future Landcarers and stewards of this country.

Capricorn Coast Landcare, located in Rockhampton, Queensland is one Landcare group who has been actively engaging Aussie kids in their area with Junior Landcare projects.

In the early 1990s, the group developed the Junior Landcare Passport. The Junior Landcare Passport is a project that encourages students to learn about sustainable land management by involving them in activities and events that earn participants stamps towards their Junior Landcare passports.

According to current group member Sarina Burke, the project was a way for school students and Girl Guides to work towards earning a badge, by achieving certain environmental tasks, similar to the Scout Landcare badge.

“The Junior Landcare Passport project has inspired generations of kids to love the environment. Some of the kids who took part in the project have even developed careers in the environmental sector,” Sarina said.

Malcolm Well, current president of Capricorn Coast Landcare reaffirms the projects effectiveness.

“The energy and enthusiasm of the kids involved in Junior Landcare gives us hope for the future. We are would like to build on the connections we are making and also involve their parents in Landcare activities.”

Imagine if projects like the Junior Landcare Passport didn’t exist? What would be the long-term impact to the environment and the community?

Malcolm explains, “The majority of our volunteers are senior citizens, although lately we are attracting younger people because they can see the success of the projects we are undertaking. The growing number of Junior Landcare members gives us the potential to have more volunteers for our Landcare group and carry on our work. Without them, the likelihood of maintaining our Landcare projects into the future will be diminished.”

Capricorn Coast Landcare Group is just one example of the great work Landcare groups are undertaking to engage the next generation of Landcarers. They, like you, care about our country’s future and are taking action today.

A gift of $35 – or anything you can manage – will make an enormous difference to groups like Capricorn Coast Landcare Group as they continue to inspire and educate Aussie kids in their local area through Junior Landcare projects like the Junior Landcare Passport.

Your support will also give them inspiration.

Inspiration for the future, inspiration that one day these Aussie kids will perhaps grow up and become Landcarers themselves, inspiration that our country’s environmental future is going to be in good hands.

But the only way Aussie kids can do this, is to get involved with Junior Landcare programs and projects so they have the opportunity to be educated about caring for and protecting our environment.

Your support now means we ensure we can leave the future of our environment in the capable hands of our Aussie kids. You and I have to take responsibility now to make sure they have the tools to tackle the challenges they face.

Malcolm states, “The future of our environment is in the hands of the younger generation. We need to teach them the importance of looking after the flora and fauna of the area and the importance of restoring and protecting the natural environment in our local communities.”

“Anyone who cares about their community, values the quality of life it gives them and the future of our environment, should look at supporting Landcare groups’ work with local kids on Junior Landcare activities in their local area.”

“This will ensure we have a new generation of Landcarers who are willing to care for the environment. Working with children has shown me that these kids not only learn to care for their environment, but also how to work with each other and understand why our environment is so important.”

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