Our next National Landcare Conference webinar will discuss approaching Landcare as a business, with tips on how to focus on group priorities, source funding, demonstrate investment, and engage volunteers.

Chris McCulloch from Local Land Services NSW will facilitate the session from the Landcare Impact conference stream, and we’ll hear from two Landcare groups about how they operate, achieve results, and invest in their people.

In Holbrook Landcare – how a strategic approach to Landcare helped shape our story Kylie Durant will discuss the evolution of Holbrook Landcare Network, as it went from a small group to a professional network representing around 400 members and working with a wide range of partners. She will talk about Holbrook’s journey and how a “business” approach has helped ensure they are making an impact on the landscape, and the community.

Phillip Moran from Noosa & District Landcare Group in Queensland’s presentation is called We don’t just plant trees, we grow people. Philip will talk about engaging volunteers by promoting Landcare as more than just caring for the environment. He’ll discuss the benefits of skills training, mental and physical health, and how Landcare contributes to a regional economy and community resilience during difficult times, like bushfires and drought.

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