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Is your organisation passionate about the precious land and water assets that sustain us? Get your workplace involved and create a healthy, productive and engaged workforce. There are a number of ways your organisation can support Landcare Australia; deliver vital sustainability and biodiversity initiatives, assist in sharing knowledge and expertise to the Landcare community in managing on-ground projects, and educate and engage Australia’s youth through our Junior Landcare programme and curriculum. By supporting Landcare Australia, your organisation will benefit through; greater staff retention and better employee engagement, more innovation, and you create a framework for building a future of effective leaders.

Your organisation can get involved in Landcare by:

To get your organisation involved in a Landcare Australia workplace programme, or for more information, contact:

Corporate Partnerships or Workplace Giving

(02) 9212 1070
Email Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Environmental Volunteering

(03) 8631 7800 or (02) 9412 1040
Email Corporate Volunteering

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