Campaign Toolkit for Landcare and Other Environmental Community Groups


Landcare Week, an annual celebration of landcare during the first week of August (5-11 August 2024), acknowledges the Australians who are actively restoring, enhancing and protecting the natural environment in their community.

We know that landcare volunteers and groups work all year to restore, enhance, and protect the environment in their community. Landcare Week is an opportunity to promote your group and your projects to inspire people to get involved and volunteer. It can also help your group to seek financial and in-kind support from local organisations.

Don’t have the word ‘landcare’ in your group name? No problem! Landcare is for Everyone.

You could be a bushcare, Coastcare, dunecare, rivercare, ‘friends of’ group, Junior Landcare group. Any community-led group working on environmental projects is part of landcare and can get involved in Landcare Week 2024 to promote their great work.

As we celebrate 35 years of landcare as a national movement, landcare has achieved a great deal of work, yet there is still more to do. With a changing climate leading to an increase in natural disasters, including drought, bushfires and floods, landcare has never been more important. United we can take action to benefit our environment, landscape, biodiversity, communities and personal wellbeing.

This year, the campaign will focus on the theme ‘Landcare Is for Everyone’ encouraging people to get involved in their local landcare or other community environmental group.

We encourage you to help spread the word and showcase the wonderful work being undertaken across Australia.

Happy Landcare Week!


About this Kit

This Communications Kit is designed to help promote 2024 Landcare Week and inspire others to get involved.

The kit includes draft content that you can personalise:

  • Social media content – to publish on your social media channels
  • Newsletter articles – to include in your e-newsletters
  • A letter / email – to send to your landcare stakeholders.
  • Poster to add to community noticeboards encouraging people to get involved.

If you would like any other collateral to support your group in spreading the word for Landcare Week please email [email protected]


This campaign and the resources have been created by Landcare Australia for the use of landcare and other environmental community groups that include but not limited to Bushcare, Coastcare, ‘Friends of’, Dunecare, Rivercare, Scouts and Girl Guide groups. If you are a group working on environmental issues in your community, we invite you to use the Landcare Week resources to promote your activities.

© Copyright Landcare Australia 2024. The Landcare is for Everyone (L.I.F.E) is trademarked by Landcare Australia.

Social Media Toolkit

Below please find social media assets including suggested post text that you can use when promoting Landcare Week 2024

Don’t forget to use the following hashtags and tag Landcare Australia:

#landcareweek2024 #landcareisforeveryone #L.I.F.E.

Facebook/Instagram: @landcareaustralia

Twitter: @LandcareAust

LinkedIn: @landcare-australia-ltd

Facebook / Instagram Post

Size: 1080 x 1080

Download Optio 1: Generic Campaign Tile (png)

Download Option 2: Second Campaign Tile (png)

Social Horizontal Post

Size: 1200 x 600

Download social horizontal post: Generic Campaign Tile (png)



Social Post Sticker

Download Option 1: Overlay Sticker (png)

Download Option 2: Leaf sticker (png)

Download Option 3: Landcare Week 2024 corner sticker (png)


Website Tool Kit

Here are website assets and suggested text that you can use for promoting Landcare Week 2024

Website Banner

Size: 1300 x 600

Download Option 1: Generic Campaign Tile (png)

Download Option 2: Get Involved (png)

Download Option 3: Homepage Landing Banner (png)

Download Option 4: Web Feature Banner (png)

Website Tile

Size: 1300 x 600

Download Tile: Generic Campaign Tile (png)


Newsletter / Email Toolkit

Newsletter Banner

Size: 600 x 300

Download Banner: Generic Campaign Tile (png)


Newsletter Tile

Size: 600 x 450

Download Tile: Generic Campaign Tile (png)

Email Signature

Size: 650 x 150

Download Email Signature: Generic Campaign Tile (png)

Event Invite

Download Event Invite: Editable Word Doc


Download and print a Landcare Week poster to put up on your local community noticeboards.


Generic Image Poster (insert own logo):

A4 size (pdf)

A3 size (pdf)



Landcare Week Stakeholders Assets

To download the branded assets with Landcare Australia logo Click Here.

Landcare Week Communications Kit

Download the entire Communications Kit below.


If you would like any other collateral that will help support your group to spread the word before and during Landcare Week please email [email protected]

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