Since its inception in 2017, the partnership between Landcare Australia and The a2 Milk Company has provided more than $850,000 of funding for sustainability initiatives with positive environmental and business outcomes for a2 Milk farms.

This includes the 2022 a2 Milk® Sustainable Agriculture Landcare Grants that are providing $215,000 of funding to seven dairy farmers in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia their grant projects (see below list of grant recipients).

The projects, funded for up to $35,000 each, focus on different initiatives to enhance sustainability and achieve positive environmental and business outcomes, such as improved water quality, enhanced productivity, and better soil health, as well as energy reduction initiatives.

There are 25 certified a2 Milk® dairy farms across Australia. Each cow on these farms has been selected to produce only the A2protein and none of the A1 protein found in regular cows’ milk.

2022 a2 Milk® Sustainable Agriculture Landcare Grant Recipients:

New South Wales:

Farm Project
Billing Upgrading water infrastructure to increase water quality for the Clarence catchment area
Perryview Farm Installing a solar energy system to reduce power consumption and promote on-farm sustainability



Farm Project
Fox Dairies Expanding effluent catchment and storage facility to reduce environmental impacts
Wachter Acquiring a compost and manure spreader to increase fertility and nutrient capacity of soil
Forster Capturing dairy and pasture wastewater to protect local ecosystems
Inionba Pastoral Building sustainable effluent system for barn and dairy’s waste management


Western Australia:

Farm Project
Duggan Irrigating of wastewater onto pastures to benefit water quality and reduce environmental impacts
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