Konica Minolta has been a Landcare Australia partner since 2011. In addition to the in-kind provision of printers for Landcare Australia offices in 2022, a core focus of the partnership is to provide staff with opportunities to participate in environmental volunteering, helping them to make a positive and meaningful contribution to our environment, as well as to support Landcare Australia’s tree planting efforts.

In 2021/22, Konica participated in two events in NSW and Western Australia contributing 80 hours of work. Working alongside community groups and volunteers, Konica employees planted 1,400 seedlings, including 1,200 in wetland areas supporting improved habitat; and 200 plants in native bushfood gardens, where they learnt about traditional knowledge and the importance of bushfoods to First Nations people.

Konica has also long supported Landcare Australia’s tree planting efforts. The most recent funding from Konica Minolta has been directed to Landcare Australia’s Reforestation and Biodiversity Project, aiming to support the Regent Honeyeater Project – Connecting the Pollinators – Biolink. The project funds will provide at least 2,000 trees to improve the habitat for the Regent Honeyeater and temperate woodland bird community as well as other species using the same habitat.

In 2020, the Macleay Landcare Network in NSW received a Konica Minolta Landcare Grant for their Tree Change for Koalas project to build community capacity to collect, grow and supply appropriate local provenance koala food and habitat tree species. To achieve this, several volunteer-run community nurseries worked together. The project also sought to improve the level of understanding of appropriate planting design and care for koala habitat for landholders and the wider community. See case study.

Konica Minolta also supported Indigenous landcare projects in 2017 and 2018 including a generous donation to help support an Aboriginal Cultural Site Restoration project in the ACT through the Ginninderra Catchment Group. The project provided the opportunity for community members including the Aboriginal community, local residents, Landcare volunteers and corporate partners to engage in Aboriginal land management activities such as revegetation, weed control and connecting with significant cultural sites.

For National Landcare Awards and Conferences, Konica Minolta has provided valuable support through the provision of in-kind printing solutions.

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