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KPMG Australia (KPMG) is a professional services firm with global reach and expertise in audit and assurance, tax and advisory. KPMG has deep industry experience in technology, education, government and aerospace, defence and not for profit sectors. KPMG has a long tradition of professionalism and integrity, combined with a dynamic approach to helping clients in a digital-driven world. KPMG Australia employs approximately 10,000 people, with 15 offices around the country.

Landcare Australia works closely with KPMG to align our partnership activities with their Corporate Citizenship Pillars of Indigenous Australia, Climate Action, Lifelong Learning and Mental Health. This alignment supports Landcare Australia achieve its mission and objectives of landcare to result in genuine community and environmental benefits.

We have seen our partnership grow from 50 KPMG Australia employees volunteering with community landcare groups, to hosting an annual UN Sustainable Development Goal Day of Action. In 2019, Landcare Australia hosted 500 KPMG employees who committed their time and energy to get their hands dirty and support community landcare groups across Australia. This event resulted in the contribution to seven of the seventeen goals including the planting of over 7,500 seedlings and 280kgs of litter collected, Goals 11 and 6, respectively.

In 2020, through the KPMG Pro Bono program, Landcare Australia and KPMG embarked on a pivotal research project to measure the health and wellbeing benefits of being involved in landcare and the discount to the economy in reduced mental and physical health costs. Multiple studies have demonstrated the significant benefit landcare has on improving environmental outcomes, but there is limited data demonstrating a connection between involvement in landcare with direct health and wellbeing outcomes. In April 2021, the release of the report, ‘Building resilience in local communities: The wellbeing benefits of participating in Landcare‘, revealed that landcare volunteers benefit from a marked increase in mental and physical wellbeing which resulted in a reduction in the real cost burden on the economy related to healthcare costs. 207 KPMG employees participated in 12 Landcare Australia Corporate Environmental Volunteering events across six states in 2022. The volunteering day was part of KPMG Australia’s Act4SDGs campaign, supporting the UN SDGs Action Campaign to mobilise people around the world to accelerate action for the Sustainable Development Goals. 5,310 native plants were planted, 4,500m² of weed control undertaken, and 1,000 hours of volunteer labour contributed.

KPMG also sponsored the Indigenous Land Management Award at the 2022 National Landcare Awards, helping raise awareness and recognise the contribution of Cultural land management to Country.

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