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In 2022, Manheim Australia with the support of Cox Automotive’s global sustainability program Cox Conserves, partnered with Landcare Australia on three impactful landcare projects across Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.


Revegetating former platypus habitat in Kororoit Creek (VIC)

With the support of Manheim Australia, the passionate group of volunteers at Friends of Kororoit Creek will be extending and enhancing two sites along the Kororoit Creek Trail – The Bug Rug and The Lizard Lounge. By eradicating weeds, protecting the riverbank from erosion and increasing biodiversity through planting 4000 native trees, the group aims to create a platypus haven to encourage the iconic native animal back to the area.

Protecting the Franklin River Wilds National Park (TAS)

Manheim Australia will be supporting Landcare Tasmania to undertake critical habitat restoration and weed control at two sites close to Franklin River Wilds National Park – Swan Basin and Henty River. Both sites are intact remnants and contain a significant number of threatened species, including Tasmanian Devil (endangered), Mangean Skate (endangered) and the Swift Parrot (endangered). By controlling gorse, pampas grass and removing pine wildlings, they hope to improve biodiversity and reduce fire risk caused by invasive plants.

Planting 17,000 seedlings in Murray Mallee Woodland (SA)

Supported by Manheim Australia, Trees for Life SA will create new native wildlife corridors by planting 17,000 native trees, shrubs and grasses across a 30-hectare site just outside of Ettrick Conservation Park. Through their revegetation work, the group aims to protect EPBC Act listed Murray Mallee Box Woodland, as well as the Malleefowl (vulnerable) – a unique, native mound-building bird.

25 Manheim employees also supported Friends of Kororoit Creek in Victoria, planting 560 plants as part of the organisation’s commitment to connect with the communities in which they work.

Through the partnership, Manheim Australia is making meaningful progress toward the Cox Conserves global goals to send zero waste to landfill by 2024, and to be carbon and water neutral by 2034.

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