Transurban develops and manages networks of urban toll roads in Australia and the United States of America. A top 20 company on the Australian Securities Exchange, Transurban is committed to taking a sustainable approach to all of its operations, projects and business practices to create the best outcomes for its government clients and the communities in which it serves.

The partnership between Transurban and Landcare Australia will help Transurban deliver its community investment strategy to develop communities near their roads. The partnership’s first project involves the regeneration of CityLink’s Power St off-ramp in the Arts Precinct of Melbourne. The Power Street Loop Project aims to:

  • Develop an area of native bush in a heavily developed area, which promotes the Urban Landcare ethos.
  • Revegetate the area with indigenous species to provide important biodiversity benefits and, in particular, to act as a ‘stepping stone’ facilitating the movement of fauna, especially birds, through the urban landscape.
  • Educate the local community as well as the broader Melbourne community around the importance of biodiversity within cities.
  • Where possible engage the community to take part in revegetation works.
  • Engage the community and other stakeholders to contribute to the design of a sustainable art piece to be installed on the site.
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