VicTrack has partnered with Landcare Australia since 2005 to provide funding to protect and enhance areas of native vegetation on railway and other land. As the owner and custodian of rail transport land across Victoria, this partnership reflects VicTrack’s commitment in making the most of its assets and supporting the best outcomes for communities.

With natural resource management expertise and a large network of volunteer groups to draw upon, Landcare Australia assists VicTrack in maximising on-ground conservation activity. Landcare Australia’s role in this important partnership is to manage the unique community-based Landcare activities and a range of associated planning and safety issues relating to working on railway land.

In 2017-18, funding from VicTrack supported five projects across Victoria, enabling Landcare groups to achieve significant outcomes including revegetation, weed control, habitat restoration, control of pest species, ecological burns, engagement with Traditional Owners, protection of native flora and fauna species, awareness raising and knowledge sharing with the broader community.

In 2019, VicTrack is providing funding for five new projects, as well as continuing to fund four of the five projects from the previous year, for a total of nine projects. The five new projects will be announced in 2019.

VicTrack projects undertaken in 2017-2018

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