Yates Australia are committed to creating a sustainable environment for future generations to enjoy.

Since 2005, Yates Australia and Junior Landcare have been teaching Aussie kids how to love nature and look after the land. To encourage outdoor education in “living classrooms”: backyards, school gardens, vegie patches and flowerbeds, Yates and Junior Landcare have been running programmes to teach kids to recognise that each step in the growing and harvesting of food is important. With the fun challenges, kids are learning about nature, sustainable living and where their food really comes from.

Did you know that proceeds from the sale of Yates®’ Nature’s Way® products branded with the Landcare Australia logo fund Junior Landcare projects?

In addition to being made of natural materials, a percentage of proceeds from the sale of products within Yates’ Nature’s Way® range goes back to Junior Landcare. Since 2005, Yates has contributed over $500,000 funding to Junior Landcare projects and continues to be a strong supporter of youth education on sustainability and biodiversity.

Case Studies

Recycling up the library bins!

St. Albans Heights Primary School

Grow to Live – Live to Grow

St Agnes Catholic Primary School
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