Ferrovial Construction (Australia) fund for Work Health and Safety training means landcare community groups in Queensland are better equipped for the future

Ferrovial Construction (Australia) (FCAU) recently rolled out a bespoke program to allocate specific funding to community groups in Queensland, in order to facilitate the provision of Work Health and Safety (WHS) training activities for staff and volunteers. These activities were targeted to address specific identified needs in the landcare community. Landcare Australia supports efforts to improve biodiversity, build resilient food and farming systems and create stronger communities.  This initiative was a great opportunity to bring together FCAU and local community groups for a common purpose.

Following FCAU’s grant and assessment process, Landcare Australia provided 22 Queensland based community groups with the funding to conduct WHS training activities.

The aim of the training was to improve WHS skills and awareness within the participating community group’s staff and volunteers, and to make sure safety equipment is more readily available. Activities included:

  • providing first aid and remote first aid training;
  • upskilling critical driving skills for rural and remote areas;
  • provision of Agricultural Chemical User Certificates; and
  • purchasing of equipment, including defibrillators.

As a result, volunteers in these community groups are better prepared to address common WHS risks. The volunteers are now accredited in first aid and can safely complete high-risk activities such as handling and storing chemicals, and they can safely access remote areas using off road vehicles.  This will have an immeasurable and on-going benefit to landcare community groups in Queensland.

This funding was a result of an Enforceable Undertaking, issued to FCAU, by the Queensland Government.

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