Landcare Australia Honours Local Land Heroes this Landcare Week, August 7-13 2023

Friday, 4 August 2023: Landcare Australia proudly announces the annual return of Landcare Week (7-13 August), a heartfelt initiative celebrating the tireless efforts of everyday Australians. This annual campaign aims to raise awareness and ignite a powerful sense of unity among individuals devoted to restoring, protecting and enhancing both the natural environment and the vital agriculture sector within their local communities.

According to the Biodiversity Council’s recent publication ‘Biodiversity Concerns Report’[1], 97% of Australians want more action to safeguard our precious natural resources, recognising that each and every person bears the responsibility to preserve Australia’s biodiversity. Landcare Australia is working hard to provide meaningful change, offering a unique avenue to positively impact the environment. With the support of government and corporate partners, for the past 34 years, Landcare Australia has proudly led the charge alongside Landcarers in supporting Australians as they tackle critical environmental and agricultural issues. In every community across Australia, there is a landcare group or other community-led environmental group with volunteers getting their hands dirty to care for the natural environment.

Quotes attributable to ABC TV presenter and Landcare advocate, Costa Georgiadis:

“Wherever my travels take me around the country, I’m constantly inspired by the incredible commitment and genuine care demonstrated by volunteers and Landcare groups. There is a real sense of community generated by these passionate individuals as they work to protect our precious environment on every scale from villages, towns and cities to bushland and farmland. Landcare Week will shine the spotlight on their extraordinary contributions,” shared Costa.

Quote attributable to Minister for the Environment, the Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP:

“At its heart, Landcare is an example of community at its best – passionate locals working to better protect and care for the environment around them.

“People want to be part of something optimistic and practical. An organisation that solves problems, brings people together, and protects our precious home. That’s what Landcare does.

“Every time I visit a local Landcare group and meet people doing their bit for the environment, I leave full of hope and gratitude.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator the Hon. Murray Watt:

“I’ve seen firsthand how Landcare works with farmers to improve their natural resource management, around Australia,” Minister Watt said.

“Farmers understand they are stewards of the land, so they are keen to learn more on how they can play a part in restoring and conserving the natural environment on their properties.

“The benefits for producers aren’t just environmental – it’s beneficial for their businesses. Planting tree lanes provides shelter for stock, while improving soil health increases productivity. It’s a win-win situation and it’s one of the many reasons our agriculture sector has such a great story to tell.

“That’s why the Albanese Government has invested $302 million through the Natural Heritage Trust to help farmers to adopt sustainable practices, build resilience to climate change, harness carbon and biodiversity markets, and protect and invest in natural capital and biodiversity.

“Congratulations to Landcare for inspiring and leading change right across the country.”

Quotes attributable to Landcare Australia CEO, Dr Shane Norrish:

“Landcare Australia, landcare peak bodies, landcare groups and organisations, together with governments, business and industry, Traditional Owners and First Nations organisations, continue to shape the growing landcare movement. Through collaboration and a shared vision, we are building a future where environmental sustainability and agricultural prosperity go hand in hand.

“Together, let us seize this moment. Let us forge a legacy of environmental stewardship and ensure that future generations inherit a land teeming with life, abundance and resilience. Landcare Week is not just a celebration; it is a catalyst for change, an embodiment of the collective power we possess to shape a sustainable and thriving future for Australia. Join us on this journey of hope, empowerment and restoration.

“Landcare truly is for everyone! Whether you seek to make a tangible difference from the comfort of your own home, workplace, youth group, or school. Landcare Week extends an invitation for all to come together to learn, share, be inspired and empowered,” said Dr Norrish.

With over 6,000 groups and more than 140,000 volunteers, Landcare Week provides a powerful reminder that there are opportunities for all Australians to get involved in a local community group like landcare, bushcare, ‘Friends of’ to help improve biodiversity and restore local natural environments.

For more information on Landcare Week activities in your area, find and contact your local Landcare group using the National Landcare Directory HERE.

[1] Borg, K., Smith, L., Hatty, M., Dean, A., Louis, W., Bekessy, S., Williams, K., Morgain, R. & Wintle, B. Biodiversity Concerns Report: 97% of Australians want more action to protect nature. The Biodiversity Council, June, 2023

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