Landcare Diversity in Spotlight for 2022 Landcare Week

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28.07.2022: Next week Landcarers will come together to celebrate the diversity of landcare people and projects across Australia for 2022 Landcare Week (August 1-7).

With many recently struggling through drought, bushfires and floods, Landcare Week is giving landcarers the opportunity to stand united, support one another and commemorate their fantastic landcare achievements, including how landcare brings together Australians from all walks of life to take action for our communities and environment.

Landcare advocate and ABC TV presenter Costa Georgiadis said that he was thrilled Landcare Week was shining a spotlight on diversity in landcare and the inclusivity of Australia’s landcare movement.

“I am always so excited to be involved in landcare activities. The awesome work of landcarers has never been more important,” said Mr Georgiadis.

“Landcare is all about working together and including everyone, no matter where you are, in a shared vision of restoring, regenerating and protecting the environment. Anyone can get involved and is welcomed in landcare, and that’s what makes it so special and diverse.

“Participating in landcare is a privilege I deeply respect, and I enjoy every chance I get to amplify the great work that is going on across Australia.”

Throughout the week, the landcare community will be celebrating their work and people both in person and online. Landcare CEO Dr Shane Norrish said that he was excited to see the range of stories and events in celebration of Landcare Week across the country, and hoped it would encourage more people to join Australia’s thriving landcare movement.

“From the coast to the country, and from urban cities to the outback, landcare’s greatest asset is committed people, and there’s nothing I love to see more than diverse communities forming and coming together through landcare,” said Dr Norrish.

“Diversity is what makes landcare so successful- it allows us to take on innovative projects and find creative solutions to overcome challenges. I couldn’t be more proud to be involved in such a diverse and inclusive movement, and can’t wait to read some of the fantastic success stories that are shared this Landcare Week.

“Landcare is also so much more than taking action for our environment, it’s about bringing people together, building resilience and working toward a common goal. With such a range of work going on across Australia, this is the perfect opportunity to shine a light on every aspect of landcare, the outstanding community and environmental impacts of landcare activities, and inspire more people to get involved.”

Following the Landcare Week celebrations, landcarers will come together in person for the first time in four years to attend the 2022 National Landcare Conference and Awards from 23-25 August at the International Convention Centre Darling Harbour, Sydney.

For more information on Landcare Week activities in your area, find and contact your local landcare group using the National Landcare Directory.

For more information on the 2022 National Landcare Conference please visit:

About Landcare Week:

Landcare Week is an annual celebration of landcare during the first week of August that acknowledges the Australians who are actively restoring, enhancing and protecting the natural environment in their community. The theme for Landcare Week 2022 is Celebrating Landcare Diversity, with landcare groups across Australia coming together in person and online to commemorate their fantastic landcare achievements and the diverse range of people that make up Australia’s landcare movement.

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