New National First Nations conference supported by landcare to unlock agricultural and environmental benefits for future generations

Thursday 25 May 2023: The Biri Bulmba Budang National Custodians of Country Gathering (the Gathering) will take place in Cairns from August 21-25, 2023. The inaugural event, hosted by First Nations people and led by the Firesticks Alliance, will celebrate the diversity and richness of Aboriginal culture and knowledge, and explore how it can contribute to environmental restoration and community resilience.

This unique gathering between First Nations people and non-Indigenous Australians will bring together people who are involved in agriculture, conservation and natural resource management to explore best practice and innovation; share practical information and stories; and create partnerships to support First Nations engagement, knowledge and practice.

“The Gathering aims to bring greater awareness and opportunity to broader Australia of the contribution of Indigenous knowledge,” shares Djabugay man Barry Hunter, Chairperson of the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation. “People will learn firsthand how Traditional ecological knowledge and governance can contribute solutions to today’s social and environmental concerns.”

Barry continues: “the Gathering promises to be an inspiring opportunity for people to come together to share knowledge and Culture.

The event will feature practical Masterclass sessions that include ethnobotany, Cultural Fire indicators and monitoring, tool making, art, dancing, weaving, and Indigenous knowledge of plants and agriculture. The symposia sessions will showcase Indigenous practitioners leading presentations and panel discussions on Indigenous knowledge and agriculture, Indigenous led research and partnerships, cultural and environmental markets, economic opportunities, water, and education and wellbeing.

Over 600 attendees are expected to attend including Traditional Owners and First Nations people involved in agriculture and natural resource management, corporate Australia, government agencies, and volunteer groups including landcare.

Landcare Australia Chair Doug Humann AM acknowledges that while many landcare groups have long worked hand-in-hand with Traditional Owners and First Nations organisations, Landcare Australia is looking forward to strengthening connections between First Nations people and landcare through supporting the National Custodians of Country Gathering.

“This important event will lead the way on how we can come together, walk together and work together with First Nations people to integrate Cultural land and sea management into landcare practices, conservation and sustainable agriculture” commented Doug.

“Beyond this, by integrating First Nations’ knowledge and management perspectives, our land and sea-scapes across Australia will benefit and our communities and future generations will be enriched,” he says.

Ticket sales for the Biri Bulmba Budang National Custodians of Country Gathering are now on sale. For more information, please click here. 

Quick fact: The Biri Bulmba Budang National Custodians of Country Gathering is taking place from Monday 21 to Friday 25 August 2023 at Tjapukai (Djabugay) Cultural Park Cairns, Far North Queensland. Hosted by Wet Tropics Bama with Firesticks Alliance, the event is supported by Landcare Australia and the First Nations Landcare Working Group.

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