Nominate for State & Territory Landcare Awards amid the 35th anniversary of landcare as a national movement

29 January 2024: In the year that Landcare celebrates a 35-year anniversary as a national movement, nominations for the 2024 State and Territory Landcare Awards are set to close on March 1, 2024.

The State & Territory Landcare Awards take on special significance, serving as a tribute to the commitment and contributions made by individuals and groups over the years. The Landcare Awards program recognises and celebrates the landcare volunteers and their sustainable land management and conservation efforts for over three decades.

The State & Territory Landcare Awards honours the outstanding individuals and groups for their contributions across the nation who are tirelessly preserving, collaborating, and innovating to restore and protect the natural environment.

Each state and territory is inviting nominations across various Landcare Award categories, to acknowledge individuals who actively participate in climate action and contribute to the development of healthier, more resilient, and productive landscapes, as well as robust communities. The call extends to volunteers, farmers, landholders, Landcare groups, First Nations Peoples, the emerging generation of landcarers, and environmental community groups.

Award nominee Kurt Jones, the founder of Co-Exist Australia, a non-profit volunteer youth led movement to inspire the next generation in conservation, represents the kind of individual and groups eligible for nominations.

Co-Exist engages young people in conservation through community initiative teams across the country. These teams are committed to organising clean ups, tree planting, recycling projections, leadership training and education programs in schools.

Celebrating Australians who actively contribute to the wellbeing of the environment, Kurt said “The Co-Exist mission is incredibly important to me because I believe that if thousands more young people participate in community conservation to protect the environment, the world will be dramatically changed, benefitting both people and the planet.

If you are someone creating change in your community, stand-up and share your work with the country! It isn’t about self-promotion, instead, you are inspiring a nation to do better.”

Joel Orchard, a previous recipient of the NSW Landcare Award, was recognised for founding Young Farmers Connect, a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and connecting young farmers across Australia. The network seeks to understand and address the many barriers and challenges faced by new, young and first-generation farmers.

Orchard addressed there is a genuine need to connect young farmers. “Young Farmers Connect is important to me because it plays a crucial role in fostering the next generation of farmers.   Promoting sustainable agricultural practices and local food economies are becoming increasingly recognised as necessary elements of our national food security and for the range of holistic benefits they provide to community health and wellbeing.

From Australians today, I would like to see more engagement and support for initiatives that promote environmental sustainability and community resilience. We can create a more inclusive and sustainable food system that addresses the pressing challenges of climate change, food waste and inequality.

I encourage anyone who is passionate about their work and sharing their story to nominate for a Landcare Award. Your dedication to caring for our land and communities deserves recognition. Take pride in your work and know that your actions inspire positive change.”

Looking back on Landcare’s 35-year journey as a national movement, CEO of Landcare Australia, Dr Shane Norrish, stated, “The Landcare Awards not only celebrate present achievements but also recognise the collective impact of Landcare over the past 35 years. Founded as a community-based volunteer movement, landcare has evolved from the shared concern of environmental issues impacting farmers, landholders and community, to now encompass thousands of people nationwide actively participating in landcare. The State & Territory Landcare Awards serve as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the tireless efforts of the wonderful people who are caring for our country.”


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