Reflections and Landcare Australia form partnership to work with local communities

December 8, 2023: LEADING nature-based holiday group Reflections has formed a partnership with Landcare Australia with the aim of working alongside communities to nurture and protect the natural environment.

Though in its infancy, the partnership has already launched its first project – improving Scotts Head headland on the Mid North Coast of NSW, with the assistance of local beach volunteer group Scotts Head Dune Care Group.

Reflections CEO Nick Baker said the partnership between Reflections, a Crown Land Manager which cares for more than 24,000 acres of NSW land on behalf of the public, and Landcare Australia, a not-for-profit organisation renowned for its work to support environmental community groups across Australia who volunteer to restore and protect the environment, was one of shared values.

“Reflections is the only holiday park group in Australia that is a social enterprise and all of our 39 parks and camping grounds already play an active role in caring for 47 nature reserves that are located near them,” Mr Baker said.

“Landcare Australia is synonymous for its tireless work to nurture land in tandem with communities across the nation and we’re thrilled to be able to contribute to that team effort at Scotts Head, and on other community projects identified in the future.”

Landcare Australia CEO Dr Shane Norrish welcomed the new partnership with Reflections and the opportunity to work closely with them on an environmental project on a Crown land property that they manage.

“This Coastcare project will provide multiple benefits to the community of Scotts Head, including habitat restoration, regenerating the landscape, improving biodiversity and the opportunity for the local community to come together to protect an important part of Australia’s coastline,” Dr Norrish said.

“For visitors to the area staying at Reflections, getting involved in landcare by volunteering with the project, is a great way to inspire them to go home from their holiday and do more to care for the environment in their local community.”

To launch the partnership, Landcare Australia has identified a project located at Scotts Head in northern NSW. Managed by Scotts Head Dune Care Group, the project will involve bushland regeneration on Crown Land along the Scotts Head headland and the northern end of Little Beach. This area is part of the responsibility of Reflections as a Crown Land Manager.

In the inaugural Scotts Head project, Landcare Australia has connected with the Scotts Head Dune Care Group to assist it with a bush regeneration project at Scotts Head headland and the northern end of Little Beach. Both areas are on Crown Land and a part of the responsibility of Reflections as a Crown Land Manager.

The project is expected to begin in April 2024, and will involve the removal of noxious weeds on the headland, the improvement of public walking tracks, monthly community working bees to improve the site and the planting of seedlings, mature plants and the installation of guards at Little Beach.

Reflections Scotts Head will invite guests and members of the community to get involved get their hands landcare dirty.

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