Take a stand and become an Aussie Habitat Defender

From just $5 a fortnight ($12 a month) you could help restore the habitats of our unique Aussie species.
There are no words to describe to you the extent of devastation humans, urbanisation, and feral animals have had on our natural environment, our native Aussie species, and their habitats.

The environmental degradation since colonisation has been huge.

You have most likely seen it for yourself: the impact humans have had on the natural environment, or the loss of Aussie species in your local area.

But what if, together, we could potentially reverse some of this damage to our natural environment and save the habitats of our Aussie species?

You probably know someone, maybe yourself, who volunteers and gives their heart and time to reverse this damage to our beautiful and magical natural environment.

Every day passionate Landcare volunteers are working hard to care for our country’s environmental future. But they can’t do this alone. They need your help.

We are looking for passionate supporters who want to take long-term direct action in restoring the habitats of our Aussie species. If you want to help protect the future of our natural environment, then this is your chance to become an Aussie Habitat Defender.

From just $5 per fortnight (or $12 per month) this is an opportunity for you to create a positive impact with a regular contribution. Your support will help Landcare volunteers who are rehabilitating the habitats of our Aussie species and restoring the magic and beauty of our natural environment.

By becoming an Aussie Habitat Defender:

  • YOU are empowering Landcare groups throughout Australia to come together to protect our natural environment and the habitats of our Aussie species.
  • YOU are ensuring our endangered and vulnerable Aussie species have a home for their future, reducing their chances of becoming extinct.
  • YOU are helping to reverse the damage that has already been done to our environment and the habitats of our Aussie species.
  • YOU are supporting our inspiring community of Landcare volunteers who give their time, heart and soul to ensure our natural environment and Aussie species have a future.

As an Aussie Habitat Defender from only $5 per fortnight or $12 per month, you will receive the following:

  • An Aussie Habitat Defender fridge magnet
  • Landcare Defender sticker
  • One packet of Aussie native seeds (excluding WA)
  • Two Aussie Habitat Defender e-newsletters per year
  • Making a difference and support the Landcare community.

How you will be making a difference:

$5 per fortnight/$12 per month could help support the revegetation of degraded habitats so that species such as the koalas and southern cassowary can once again thrive.

$9.50 per fortnight/$20 per month could help support planting corridors so that Aussie species can feel safe from drivers on the road.

$15 per fortnight/$30 per month could help control feral animals such as foxes and dogs and protect our Aussie species from these attacks.

How our Defenders made a difference:

One of the projects recently funded by supporters is located in Port Macquarie, New South Wales.

Julie Ho, president of the Port Macquarie Landcare Group, informed us that thanks to supporters, the group has been able to re-establish native habitats for the local koala populations.

Koalas in the Port Macquarie region are struggling to survive as their habitat is being destroyed: trees are being cut down to make way for urban expansion. However, because of the generosity of Landcare supporters, there’s hope and a future for the koalas.

“We now have the funds to grow and plant 6,600 native plants,” Julie said. “The plants are important as they provide habitat for the koalas and a future for our biodiversity.”

Over the years the group has been able to rehabilitate almost 56 hectares of Port Macquarie’s green arteries, using thousands of plants grown in their own community nursery.

Thanks to our Aussie Habitat Defender, Landcare groups are able to help protect the future of unique native species, like our koala.

In addition to saving the local koalas in Port Macquarie, your financial support has also helped protect the endangered cassowary in North Queensland.

Brettacorp Landcare group has been greatly encouraged by the support of people like you, in their efforts to save the habitat of this rainforest bird near Tully, North Queensland.

Group founder, Brett Krause knows first-hand what this support has achieved.

“The funds we’ve received from Landcare supporters has enabled us to enhance remnant forest and revegetate over 10 acres of land once used as a sugar cane paddock,” Brett said.

Endangered Aussie species such as the southern cassowary and mahogany glider directly benefit from the group’s work.

The trees we are planting will soon be homes for these Australian species,” he said.

The group’s impact goes beyond just protecting the habitats of the southern cassowary and mahogany glider. Because of our Aussie Habitat Defenders, Brettacorp is also working to protect one of the world’s iconic ecosystems: the Great Barrier Reef.

“We are currently working on over 15 hectares of Main Roads property in the Wet Tropics of Queensland, removing invasive weeds, pest fauna, debris, and rubbish,” Brett said.Along the way we continue to plant native trees to improve habitat and increase water quality along the Tully River and Great Barrier Reef.”

It is only thanks to the generosity of kind individuals that Landcare Australia is able to support important projects like Julie’s and Brett’s.

These unique projects are only two examples of the invaluable work currently being undertaken by dedicated Landcarers across Australia. Every day, thousands of Landcarers are rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty to ensure our natural environment, our native habitats, our farming community, and our children have a better tomorrow.

Become an Aussie Habitat Defender from only $5 per fortnight or $12 per month.

Click on the button below to sign up and we will post you an Aussie Habitat Defender Welcome Pack to the address provided.

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