Landcare in Focus November 2021

We’ve had a lot of false starts but in August, we finally celebrated the National Landcare Awards as part of the National Landcare Conference.

Observing the necessary public health and safety restrictions, it was ultimately decided to host the entire conference on a virtual platform, offering a multitude of logistical challenges.

However all involved, from organisers to technical coordinators, from panellists to speakers, pulled together in an extraordinary example of Landcare solidarity and delivered a landmark event which reflected not only the heritage of the Landcare legacy but the future of the movement in an ever-changing world.

And in the latest issue of Landcare in Focus, we feature all the winners, including Bob Hawke Landcare Award winner and cover star, Andrew Stuart.

Also check out the progress of key projects funded by the Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Grants, rock chutes helping the Great Barrier Reef and how one Queensland spaniel is leading the charge against feral pests.

Landcare In Focus magazine cover for November 2021

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