Promo and Marketing Kit

Promo & Marketing Kit for Landcare groups

When it comes to promoting your group’s events, no-one is as passionate about them as you are. That’s why we put together a promo & marketing kit with a few pointers on how you can share your passion.


Promoting your local event

Promoting your events in your local area can help increase the profile of your group, encourage people in your local community to get involved and may help you get sponsorship and support from local businesses.

Here are some ways you can do it.


Social Media

Social media is the fastest way to spread the word, so add your event to your group’s profile on the National Landcare Directory. If your group has its own Facebook page or Twitter account, remember to post there too. It’s also worthwhile asking your group members to promote it through their personal social media accounts.

For more information, download the Landcare media kit for groups and our brochure about how to use social media.



Are you managing a mailing list for members and subscribers? If you want to send out an e-newsletter on a regular basis and manage a list of new subscribers, services like Mailchimp allow you to have a list of up to 500 subscribers with a free account.



To promote your event on the Landcare Australia website, submit your event details and we’ll add your activity to the Events Calendar. Remember to add it to your group website too, and approach organisations in your community who support your group activities to do the same.


Posters and flyers

You could approach a local printer and ask if they would print at a reduced fee as part of a sponsorship deal if you include their logo in the design.

Please note that artwork containing the Landcare Australia logo must be approved by Landcare Australia prior to use.


Media coverage

Local media coverage is a great way to promote your event for free but it needs to be newsworthy, meaning people will want to read it, watch it or listen to it (depending on whether you approach the newspaper, TV or radio) because it’s something new or special e.g. the biggest/oldest/tallest/heaviest.

Find out who the best person is for you to email about your upcoming event and send them your media release to download our template including guidelines and tips), photos that are in focus, colourful, simple and eye-catching, and contact details of your spokesperson.


After your event

If your event was funded by a Landcare Australia corporate partner, please send us the media release, images from the event, your posters or flyers and any media clippings you generated. We will send the corporate partner a report listing all your promotional activity and potentially promote your story on the Landcare Australia website.

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