Be the employer that helps your employees make a difference. Join Landcare Australia’s Workplace Giving Program.


Creating tangible benefits for your workplace, employees and the environment can be as easy as including Landcare Australia in your Workplace Giving Program. If you don’t already have a Workplace Giving program, check out our simple step-by-step guide below to help you set one up.

By joining our Program, you will:

Contribute to restoring habitat for endangered Aussie species and protect the health of our natural environment.

Be part of a Workplace Giving Program that works for you – it is simple to set up and administer, and allows you to donate on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Be a good corporate citizen by offering your employees the opportunity to donate from their pre-tax income to a charity that has a positive impact on local communities across the country.

Support a national community of 5,400 groups and more than 100,000 volunteers who protect and restore all corners of our country’s urban, agricultural and natural landscapes.

Help educate the future custodians of the land through our Junior Landcare program, which has touched over 9,000 schools nationally.

5,000 businesses in Australia have realised the benefits of a Workplace Giving Program. Meet Konica Minolta, one of Landcare Australia’s Workplace Giving partners who makes a difference.

“Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia is proud to support the work of Landcare Australia through our Workplace Giving and Charity Partner Program. Landcare Australia was selected by employees as one of our preferred national Workplace Giving partners for their work in raising awareness about environmental issues, and supporting community groups to make a positive impact on the environment in their local community.”

Dr David Cooke

Chairman and Managing Director, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia

Starting your Workplace Giving Program: A Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up a Workplace Giving (WPG) Program is simple, and we have a handy step-by-step guide to help you along the way. One thing you can be sure of is that WPG programs have been proven to; deliver better staff engagement, improve organisational reputation, and have a positive impact on local communities.

Step 1: Design your program

Each organisation’s WPG Program is unique. Some things to consider when planning your WPG Program include:

  • What are your organisational values you wish to align with your WPG program?
  • Can your WPG Program help you achieve any goals?
  • What image would you like your WPG Program to project to your employees and other stakeholders?
  • What will motivate your employees to join a WPG Program?
  • Who can be a champion in your organisation to promote WPG?
Step 2: Select a Workplace Giving champion

To run a successful WPG Program for your organisation, it is important to have a WPG champion who will communicate the values of the Program and encourage participation of colleagues. A champion demonstrating shared values can be from any business unit within the organisation.

Step 3: Implement the mechanics of your Workplace Giving Program

WPG is an initiative used by businesses of all sizes across the globe that is easy to implement and run. All current payroll systems or accounting software can facilitate WPG. You can manage the Program in-house or use a third-party platform.

Step 4: Promote your Workplace Giving Program

Raise awareness of your WPG Program using your internal communications channels to motivate employees to be part of it. An internal launch campaign is a great idea, and we’d be happy to send someone along from Landcare Australia to chat to your employees about why WPG is awesome!

Step 5: Encourage employees to sign-up

Take advantage of the momentum from your launch communications and ensure that your WPG champion is ready with donation forms. Reinforce how easy and meaningful the Program is to your team. Whether it’s $5 or $50 – all contributions make a difference.

How your Workplace Giving funds make a difference.

Thanks to our Workplace Giving partners, we have provided over $200,000 to support projects throughout Australia. These projects have restored numerous habitats and improved the health of our natural environment.

Innovative fungus trials to save the WA agriculture industry

Employing new technologies to complement long-term efforts to control Parkinsonia (a weed of national significance) along the De Grey River in Western Australia, this project used new bio-control techniques by using a mixture of three native Australian fungi that are encapsulated and injected into the base of the Parkinsonia plant. The fungus works its way through the roots of the host plant so it dies, before moving through the soil profile to other Parkinsonia plants and killing neighbouring plants, all without affecting the environment and pasture land for cattle.

Protecting the future of brolgas

Brolgas are large grey cranes with a featherless red head and grey crown, and are classified as vulnerable in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.  Their populations have been heavily impacted by agriculture, weeds and predators. With over 40 brolgas gathering at Pink Lake every year for mating, the Lismore Land Protection Group developed a project plan to help protect brolgas into the future. They undertook works to fence the lakes, control and remove weeds, and eradicate rabbits and control foxes using baiting.

Keeping threatened species secure on King Island

Inkweed has started to become an issue on Tasmania’s King Island and spread in local habitats, impacting endangered wildlife species and the island’s agriculture industry. WPG funds helped kick-start this vital project and eradicate this weed before it became an industry-crippling infestation that could impact the local environment, economy, and the very food we eat.

Habitat restoration for the nationally endangered southern brown bandicoot

Classified as vulnerable in South Australia, the Sturt Upper Reaches Landcare Group identified an opportunity to improve the habitat areas in the Central Hills area of South Australia. The group is increasing the links between bandicoot breeding areas in order to increase movement of bandicoots between isolated sub-populations, allowing breeding to occur.

If you would like to start your own Workplace Giving Program or add Landcare Australia to your existing one, call us on (02) 9412 1040 or click below:


Have you ever wondered how much your employees value Workplace Giving?

Workplace Giving is what Landcare Australia likes to call a WIN WIN WIN! It helps businesses enhance their reputation, actively engage their employees, and is an easy way to contribute to charity from pre-tax income. We all know these high level benefits, but not many businesses know if Workplace Giving is right for their employees. That’s why Landcare Australia has developed a quick and easy survey to help your business find out how your employees feel about Workplace Giving.

The survey is completely anonymous and we will be able to provide you with a tailored report. If you would like to know how to participate in the survey, contact us on (02) 9412 1040 or email us here.

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