CityLink Tulla Widening Urban Landcare Project

The CityLink Tulla Widening (CTW) project – between Bulla Road and Power Street – is being funded by Transurban and supported by project partners VicRoads and CPB Contractors. The CTW project has also partnered with Landcare Australia to manage and deliver two urban Landcare projects along the CTW project corridor in consultation with local communities.

As part of CTW project’s commitment to minimising impact of construction works on the natural environment, CTW partner CPB Contractors have been engaged to deliver a detailed landscaping plan which includes the planting of 150,000 native shrubs and trees along the project corridor, as part of the reinstatement works.

Further to the reinstatement works being delivered by CPB Contractors, Landcare Australia will undertake additional land rehabilitation activities on Union Street Cutting and Brady Reserve in Brunswick West, which have been identified as projects sites after rigorous assessment by Landcare Australia and input from local councils and community groups. The two sites scored the highest ratings for a range of criteria, including environmental and cultural importance, and value to the community. They were two of seven sites assessed for their ability to provide the following benefits:

Address local vegetation priorities and local planning strategies

Improve condition of the riparian bushland corridor

Increase availability of fauna habitat

Increase local biodiversity and vegetation connectivity


Increase cultural significance either indigenous or non-indigenous

Improve local recreation amenity

Enable community engagement

Landcare Australia will now start looking at detailed renewal plans for the two sites and is calling on local communities to share suggestions for indigenous plant species, wildlife habitat and landscaping for the area.

Locals will also have the opportunity to roll up their sleeves for community planting days scheduled for spring 2017.

To register your interest to get involved, contact Landcare Australia by calling (03) 9662 9977 or emailing

Project locations and activities

Union Street Hillock

Site located on Moonee Ponds Creek Reserve at the end of Union Street in Brunswick.
(Map 29 B8 and Map 29 B9)

A project at this site will provide significant environmental benefits. The size (1 ha) in the context of the urban environment is significant. Additionally, the site is adjacent to a restored area on the eastern side of the creek. Rehabilitation at this site would provide a large patch of native vegetation with appropriate habitat value for native species.

Braddy Reserve

Site located along the Moonee Ponds Creek Channel entering from Hope Street in Brunswick West.
(Map 29 A10 and A11)

Increased habitat connection by linking planted areas with newly rehabilitated sites.  Large corridor of vegetation linking with Melbourne Water proposed works.

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