April 2020 Landcare Australia CEO Message

G’day everyone,

The team at Landcare Australia are very proud to announce a landmark partnership with WIRES.

The WIRES Landcare Wildlife Relief and Recovery Grants is a ground-breaking alliance between two not-for-profits who have been part of the fabric of local communities for over 30 years.

Through partnerships like this, Landcare Australia is getting on with the job of providing funding to local groups quickly and helping to drive and coordinate national bushfire and drought response with targeted high-priority actions, which are delivered on the ground by locals. If your community has been impacted by the bushfires or drought, I encourage you to please read more about this grants program here.

This month we will announce the recipients of the Landcare Australia Bushfire Recovery Grants. This grants program was conceived to support farmers, Landcare groups and other community groups with essential wildlife habitat restoration, shelterbelts and fencing projects, and protection of our waterways amongst other recovery activities.

This grants program was made possible due to the extraordinary volume of donations from generous organisations and private donors from across the country and around the world, including our partners Brambles Chep, Bushman’s Tanks, Bloom Aid and Hawkes Brewing.

I would like to thank everyone for their incredible support, the donations have supported Landcare Australia to support Landcare groups and other community groups to facilitate good quality, hands on projects and programs that will improve environmental outcomes and support bushfire restoration projects.

We would also like to send a special thanks to the passionate students of York Public School in South Penrith, NSW who arranged a bake sale and donated all the proceeds towards the Landcare Australia Bushfire Recovery program.

If the children in your life have not got involved in the Junior Landcare What’s in your backyard? campaign, it is not too late. From frogs, chickens, dogs and birds, to fruit and vegetables, over 1,000 photographs have been submitted to be judged by Junior Landcare Ambassador Costa. It is great to see so many children involved and sharing how different everyone’s backyard is across Australia.

Take care during this time.


Kind regards,

Dr. Shane Norrish
Landcare Australia

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