NBN Co partnered with Landcare Australia in late 2019 to help enable Australian farmers to be more resilient through driving innovative farming practices and sharing knowledge across national farming networks with the NBN. 

In the first half of 2020, a $40,000 NBN Sustainable Agriculture Landcare Grant will be awarded to an on-farm project that demonstrates leadership in sustainable agriculture. A key component of the project will be for the grant recipient to use the NBN to improve environmental and productivity outcomes.

To enhance farmer education, the knowledge gained from the productivity, environmental and social outcomes of this project will be shared across national farming networks by leveraging the NBN.

Another partnership goal is to drive greater engagement and awareness by NBN employees about key sustainability and community priorities. NBN has committed 240 volunteers who will participate in corporate volunteering projects across Australia by working side by side with Landcare community groups to help support local projects.

NBN Co was established in 2009 to design, build and operate Australia’s wholesale broadband access network. Underpinned by a purpose to Lift the Digital Capability of Australia, nbn’s key objective is to improve social equity and economic prosperity by ensuring all Australians have access to affordable and reliable broadband. NBN is wholly owned by the Commonwealth of Australia as a Government Business Enterprise (GBE).

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