Projects with environmental or sustainable agriculture outcomes eligible to apply for Gallagher Landcare Fencing grants

Sydney – 30 April 2019 – Landcare Australia is launching Gallagher Landcare Fencing Grants.

The funding Gallagher is providing for these grants includes a combination of in-kind fencing and monetary support. Eligible applicants throughout Australia are invited to apply for projects that align with improved grazing management and/or conservation.

Eligible applicants for the Gallagher Landcare Fencing Grants are invited to apply for an individual fencing project grant for up to $8,000 (ex-GST) including fencing materials – up to 12 grants are planned for 2019. Grants are open to Landcare, Coastcare and Junior Landcare groups; individual landholders, farmers and graziers and volunteer-based community groups.

Grant recipients will undertake fencing projects, using Gallagher products. All projects must show tangible environmental or sustainable agriculture outcomes.

Shane Norrish, Landcare Australia CEO, said, “We are delighted that by funding these grants, Gallagher is extending its partnership with Landcare Australia and providing much needed financial and product support to conservation fencing and grazing management projects.”

Gallagher Landcare Fencing Grant applications are open until Friday, 31 May for projects that align with one or both of the below priority areas:

  •  Grazing management: Electric fencing for pasture management techniques using permanent or portable systems to subdivide paddocks for more effective grazing, maintaining groundcover and keeping the pasture fresh, high energy and palatable which ultimately leads to increased milk and meat production, and stabilises soils.
  • Conservation fencing: Installing conservation fencing to help exclude threats to valuable native plants and animals, such as: browsing or trampling by herbivores (including stock, rabbits, deer or kangaroos) and preventing damage from people.

Malcolm Linn, Gallagher Australia General Manager, said “After a successful partnership at last year’s National Landcare Conference we’re excited to broaden our support with Landcare Australia throughout 2019 and beyond. This year’s Gallagher Landcare Fencing Grants is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase – through our people and products – our commitment to grazing management, conservation, feral fencing and assisting Australia’s Landcare community.

Landcare Australia began its partnership with Gallagher in 2018 when the company was a sponsor at the 2018 National Landcare Conference and provided a range of in-kind Gallagher Electric Fencing products to support several Landcare Group projects nationally.

To learn more about the Gallagher Landcare Fencing Grants and how to apply, visit

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