Employees save Koalas without stepping away from their desks

Did you know that employees from Telstra, Konica Minolta and Qantas helped save endangered species, including the southern cassowary, mahogany glider, and koala – without even leaving their desks?

These are just three of the 23 companies that give to Landcare Australia through their Workplace Giving Programs. Last year their combined efforts resulted in $100,000 for ten habitat restoration projects across the country.

Shockingly, Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world, and is home to 161 animal species classified as endangered. Feral animals, urban development and human encroachment put them at risk. At Landcare Australia, we’re busy working to ensure that these animals don’t become extinct. Through our recently awarded Habitat Restoration Grants, groups working to increase and protect habitat for these species were awarded funding.

Every tree matters

In northern Queensland, Brettacorp is enhancing and creating biodiversity and developing nature reserves for wildlife, including the restoration of a local creek and planting of 1800 native plants. Species that will find sanctuary include the southern cassowary, mahogany glider and eastern curlew.

Helping koalas commute

In New South Wales, Port Macquarie Landcare will restore habitat for the koala across 5.4 hectares of disjointed bushland. They will close the gaps in critical green corridors and help koalas live and move safely in suburbia.

Protecting nests

In northern New South Wales, Bungawalbyn Landcare will work to reduce threats to the endangered north coast emu population, especially to young and nesting birds. The group will also undertake weed control and regeneration to restore emu habitat and improve access for emus across the landscape.

These projects are run by volunteer groups that understand the importance of saving our endangered species from decline. Without our generous Workplace Giving Program partners and their employees, we wouldn’t have been able to provide this funding. So from the emu, southern cassowary, koala, king parrot, mahogany glider and eastern curlew, and the volunteers working to protect them – thank you!

To read about other projects funded through our Habitat Restoration Grants, click here. To find out how easy it is to set up a Workplace Giving Program in your organisation, or add Landcare Australia to your existing one, click here.

If you would like to speak to someone about Workplace Giving, please contact us at 02 9412 1040 or fundraisingsupport@landcareaustralia.com.au

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