Five ways to Get Hands on with Landcare during Landcare Week!

Landcare Week is the one special week every year when we celebrate Landcare and all the great work tens of thousands of Landcarers do to care for their local environment. It’s the perfect time to get involved – whatever way you can. This year Landcare Week takes place from 4-10 September and we’ve compiled the five easiest ways you can be part of it.

  1. Go local, and get involved by finding an event in your local area and try out some Landcare activities. With more than 5,000 groups across the country, there’s bound to be an event near you. It doesn’t have to be a Landcare group – check out Bushcare, Friends of, Coastcare or any other environmental care group in your community.
  2. Get together with your work colleagues, get out of the office and get your hands dirty! Sign up a team of employees to attend one of our corporate Landcare events taking place in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Adelaide. Spaces are limited, so get in quick!
  1. Are you a fan of a sausage sizzle, a morning tea, or school fundraiser? Create your own fundraiser to generate funds for the Landcare community or even your own local Landcare group.
  2. Did you know that more than 1,700 species of animals and plants in Australia are at risk of extinction? Show your support for Landcare, by donating to Landcare projects that help protect our threatened Aussie species and encourage your friends to do the same.
  3. Are you a Landcarer with a story to share? We love sharing great Landcare stories about the invaluable work being done across the country to care for our land and water. By sharing stories we can raise awareness of just how essential Landcare is and why it needs to be supported. Share your story with us so we can continue to beat the Landcare drum!

Have we missed out on any great ways to celebrate Landcare Week? Feel free to get in touch and send us your ideas. If your group is having an event during Landcare Week, please be sure to add it to our events calendar. Let’s make Landcare Week 2017 one to remember!

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