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Dear Colleague

As bushfire affected communities are now being been affected by COVID-19, please be assured they are our priority.

We know they’ve been hit twice, even more if they have also suffered through drought and/or flood. We are here to help.

We also know how difficult it can be to navigate through the system to find the support that’s available. To make it easier, we’ve developed a set of factsheets listing the help people might be eligible for, whether it’s as a result of the bushfires, COVID-19, drought or flood.

People can click on the factsheet most relevant to them:

We’ve designed the factsheets with the community in mind – who they are, what they might be experiencing, how the Government may be able to help in their circumstances. It might be financial support they need. Or practical health support.

It might also be support for mental health. This is a difficult time and we want to support individuals, their family and the community when they need it. If someone is finding it tough and needs someone to talk to, please encourage them to reach out to the help available, it’s all in the factsheet.

Please remember that governments are announcing more support as things change, and we’ll update the list on our website as that happens.

We’re also working on ways to maintain our contact with, and support for, bushfire affected communities in this challenging environment. We’ve opened up a direct message function on our Facebook page, so people can contact us privately to ask questions, share concerns, and seek out information and resources. Our team of Recovery Support Officers are online to provide assistance and ensure that the community is still getting the help they need to recover and rebuild.

Keep updated through Facebook and Twitter and our website, as we evolve our support mechanisms to this changing world.  You can also subscribe to receive newsletter updates from us each fortnight, or send us an email at [email protected].


Andrew Colvin

National Bushfire Recovery Coordinator
PO Box 6500 CANBERRA ACT 2600

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